September 4, 2009

Maine, the Way Life Should Be

It’s only been two weeks, but I’m already taking a break!  Sam and I are finally taking a “summer” vacation so I thought I would leave you with a little something while we’re gone next week.  We’re of course going back to Maine 1.  Because it’s the greatest place on Earth 2. Because it’s Vacationland and 3.  Because I just can’t fathom going through another season without seeing Portland.

If you’ve never been to this magical land, I’m going to give you a few tips.  They’re essentially all about eating, but that’s what this blog is about so it’s really very fitting.

1.    Go to Duck Fat.  I’ll say it again, Go to Duck Fat.  I never knew about this place when I was in school, but thankfully, my eyes were opened to it.  They have an amazing Duck Confit sandwich and fries fried in what else, duck fat.  Can you get any better (or any closer to a heart attack?) Duck Fat 43 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101-4213  (207) 774-8080
2.    Visit the Standard Baking Co.  I was so excited when Molly Wizenberg profiled this bakery in Bon Appetit this spring.  She focused on their world-class scones, but honestly, they make the best croissants I’ve had this side of Paris.  Standard Baking Co.  75 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101
3.    If you can manage it and really want a special meal, make a reservation at Fore Street.  It’s priced like New York, but it’s amazingly innovative and seasonal.  Its kitchen sources its ingredients locally and the open kitchen is always entertaining.  To top it all off, the restaurant was nominated for a James Beard Award this year!  Fore Street, 288 Fore Street, Portland ME, (207) 775-2717
4.    When in doubt, eat lobster.  I’m not actually a lobster lover (I know, I know, sacrilege!) but Maine has it’s stereotypes for a reason.  Best of all, you can just go to any lobster shack by the water and get a lobster roll and a beer.  No need to get all fancy.
Have a wonderful week!  Many more recipes to come from my hotplate when I get home.

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