March 11, 2010

That's a Spicy Meatball!

Meatball fever has hit New York.  It’s a movement that’s been building for the past couple of years, but now it’s really in full force.  With a new restaurant, The Meatball Shop, that is devoted entirely to the tasty treats, it seems meatballs are all the food blogs can talk about.  Luckily, I love meatballs and that new restaurant? It happens to be conveniently located under my friend, Ms. VOK’s new apartment. Fate?  I think so.
This week, I decided we should make our own humble meatballs. And what better recipe to go off of than Ms. VOK’s?  But of course, this was also the week I decided to reconnect with many friends who I haven’t seen in the past few months.  So I left Sam to it! And boy did he come through.  Pair these meatballs with your starch of choice, or do as we did and just let them speak for themselves on a bed of spinach.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Multi-Meatballs (adapted from Ms. VOK)
Makes 12-14 large meatballs

1 lb equal parts ground beef, veal and pork
1 c. bread crumbs
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 egg lightly beaten
Small bunch of parsley, chopped
1 c. freshly grated parmesan
Salt & Pepper
Large bunch of spinach, sautéed in olive oil

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl.  Form into golf ball sized meatballs and set in the baking pan about a 1/2 inch apart. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the tops are crusty and they are cooked through.  Warm up the pasta sauce in a Dutch Oven or sauce pan, and place the cooked meatballs in the sauce for about 10 minutes before ready to serve over your choice of starch or vegetable.


  1. Looks delish! But I don´t understand where the spicyness comes from? If you´re looking for a spicy meatball recipe, I blogged about one a few weeks ago that turned out really good, my blog is como*solo.

  2. Hi Debjani! You're right there is absolutely NO spice in this meatball recipe and there wasn't meant to be. Apparently, Sam tells me, the phrase I used in my title isn't as well known as I think it is! Thanks for reading!

  3. Aaaaah! So what is a "spicy meatball" then?


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