About Me

I began this blog when I moved out on my own after college and into a miniscule, but lovely, West Village "junior one-bedroom" in New York City. The location was perfect: I could walk to amazing restaurants, bars, and cafes. Unfortunately, for an underpaid young professional like myself, eating out in New York every night was simply not an option. So, I resigned myself to cooking in my non-existent kitchen.  It had a two-burner hotplate, a toaster oven, a microwave, a mini-fridge, and absolutely no counter space. That's it.

I'm still proud of what I managed to make in that kitchen. I lived in that tiny apartment with my now husband Sam for just over three years and learned, above all, to never blame the equipment. Although we now have a lovely, though still small, kitchen with full-sized appliances and new pots and pans, I still keep to the mantra I used when cooking all those meals in New York - keep it fresh, keep it simple, and as much as much as possible, keep it homemade.

For me, cooking is an amazingly satisfying pursuit. The fact that you can roast tomatoes, olive oil and garlic in an oven for a few minutes and transform them into something magical never ceases to make me happy. But I realize not everyone feels this way about cooking, and for a lot of people, it's just one more chore at the end of a long day. Hopefully the recipes I create and find can add a little inspiration to your weeknight dinners, and show you how simple and delicious a meal can be.  Hey, if I could make those meals on a hotplate and in a toaster oven, then I truly believe anyone can cook for themselves (almost) every night of the week.