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November 3, 2011
Nothing makes for a faster and more satisfying weeknight supper than a warm bowl of pasta, simply sauced. Here are 7 simple, delicious any-day pastas, plus a famously easy sauce, and an ingenious technique with tomatoes that requires no cooking at all. Weeknights just got a whole lot better.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen
From Cara & Pheobe, The Quarter-Life Cooks

April 7, 2010
We spend a lot of time creeping around other food blogs, and we've decided to start an occasional feature highlighting the great dishes our virtual friends have been cooking. We're calling it "Great Minds" because it's the sort of food we might cook ourselves.

First up, Hotplate Confidential. Erin cooks in an even smaller kitchen than we do--and hers lacks a stove. She uses a hotplate instead. This week she posted about Roast Beef for Two with Collard Greens and Creamy Polenta. We'll be trying it out very soon!

Kathleen Collins, Author of Watching What We Eat

November 16, 2009

I am in the midst of a kitchen renovation and have relocated cooking operations – a toaster oven and a borrowed hotplate – to the bedroom. As such, I have been bolstered and inspired by the Hotplate Gourmet, Erin Culbreth. Erin lives in a tiny West Village apartment with a “barely-there kitchen,” which, as she notes, is not uncommon in NYC. It’s true, one does get used to working in small spaces and with limited resources. But Erin has not let square footage curtail her passions. She documents her maneuvers in her blog, Hotplate Confidential, where she shares recipes and photos of luscious meals that would impress even a suburban kitchen dweller. Erin’s also a featured home cook contestant on food52, an online recipe collective developed by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs.

Food 52

September 23, 2009

There are thousands of cooking blogs -- we bring you highlights from the best.

On Hotplate Confidential, Erin Culbreth (Hotplate Gourmet on food52) writes about the gorgeous meals she cooks for herself and her boyfriend, detailing both weekend projects and weeknight practicalities. The catch? She does it all with a two burner hotplate, a mini fridge, and a toaster oven. That's it. The most intriguing post? Erin's claim that toaster oven Chocolate Chip Cookies are better than the rest. We may have to try them out in order to judge for ourselves. She's just starting out, but we're looking forward to seeing what else she creates in her truly tiny "kitchen". -Helen